11 June 2019- A technical issue has caused BASF to cease accepting new orders of its animal nutrition products Lutavit A 1000 NXT and Lutavit A/D3 1000/200 NXT until at least July and has cast doubt on the company’s ability to manufacture further volumes of the products until the end of the year.

BASF was unable to offer comment on the nature of the incident at this time, saying it was currently investigating. However, the vitamin manufacturer has offered assurances to clients that it will supply written contractual obligations (including confirmed orders) until the end of 2019, Feedinfo has learned.

It is understood that the issue is not related to the incident late in 2017 which impacted citral production and caused a Force Majeure declaration for vitamin A and E products.

“The volume availability of other BASF vitamin A products for animal nutrition is not affected by this incident,” asserts a statement attributed to BASF. However, Lutavit products have been specifically developed for applications in premix and finished feed, while other products are for veterinary applications or milk replacers; “their usability in premix and feed can thus not be recommended,” observes a spokesperson.

Further information about whether BASF will be able to manufacture further volumes of the two products this year is expected in early July.