27 November 2018 – On 14 November 2018, Zinpro Corporation launched ProPath®, its latest animal nutrition innovation that relies on cationic and anionic amino acids to elevate trace mineral absorption in multiple species.

“The amino acid combination in ProPath has been shown to advance the science of mineral uptake and absorption in cell culture work, and it is also confirmed by proven performance in animal studies,” said Bill Scrimgeour, president and CEO, Zinpro Corporation.

The ProPath product line comprises essential trace minerals, which are designed to deliver superior mineral uptake and absorption for optimum biological efficacy. The line includes ProPath®Zn, ProPath®Mn, ProPath®Cu, ProPath®Fe, and ProPath®4.

Bill Scrimgeour
President & CEO
Zinpro Corporation

“Because our molecular technology requires no carrier, ProPath yields concentrated metal content for maximum diet density. The ProPath line is versatile and soluble, designed to adapt across multiple species and formulations to help further support operational sustainability, efficiency, and profitability,” Zinpro states on its website.

“The idea behind ProPath originated in 2010 when Zinpro was considering new amino acid candidates for its next Performance Mineral®,” Scrimgeour told Feedinfo News Service. Zinpro Corporation secured intellectual property rights from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its ProPath line of products on 3 June 2014.

“Zinpro spent several years optimizing this new product in R&D. We were interested in a product that would have high mineral content and require no carrier,” added Scrimgeour. “We determined that the amino acid combination in ProPath facilitated excellent uptake and absorption properties as well as provided great physical properties.”

Zinpro launched the product earlier this month in the United States and Mexico.

“Interest from our customers is exceptionally high. We expect to introduce ProPath into other global markets in the next few years,” commented Scrimgeour, adding that his company’s plan is to introduce ProPath across each of its regional sales divisions (Americas, International, and North Asia) during 2019-2020.

ProPath minerals are produced at Zinpro’s facilities in the U.S. Although the new ProPath line of products provides superior uptake and absorption, Zinpro expects that its current product lines (e.g. Availa®) will continue to garner strong demand.

“The addition of ProPath will both provide increased value and flexibility for our existing customers and broaden our opportunities throughout a diverse marketplace,” said Scrimgeour.

In other recent news, Zinpro Corporation completed the acquisition of Paragon Specialty Products (PSP), LLC, based in Rainsville, Alabama, and CouvLotta, LLC, located in Rockport, Texas, on 1 November 2018. Both companies are leaders in water-soluble-based animal nutrition and nutritional support products.

Upon the announcement of the deal in mid-October 2018, Scrimgeour commented: “All of us at Zinpro Corporation are very excited to join with these two, U.S. companies to grow our global nutrition business. Both additions to our company provide innovative, customizable and proprietary nutritional solutions for improved animal wellness and performance and nutritional support products for optimizing animal care.”

Lane Lott, CouvLotta co-founder, added: “Our combined knowledge in water delivery systems, specialty ingredient sourcing, quality and risk mitigation programs and nutritional antibiotic alternatives is a great fit with Zinpro’s global resources and expertise in performance trace mineral nutrition. Just as importantly, Zinpro’s research and development capabilities are world-renowned, with a fantastic animal-nutrition research staff and resources for new product development.”