9 July 2019 – Phibro Animal Health has said it is pursuing patent protection following what the company describes as a “significant advance in the ongoing development of a vaccine for African swine fever (ASF).”

Phibro Animal Health said it has made progress in identifying immunogenic epitopes and proteins that show strong potential to form the basis for a vaccine.

Phibro plans to create a specific epitope-based vaccine, rather than looking into an attenuated live vaccine.

Jack Bendheim, Phibro’s Chairman, President and CEO, commented: “ASF’s decimation of China’s swine population represents not just a crisis for the entire swine husbandry industry but, more importantly, a food security crisis for mankind. The identification of this group of peptides and proteins is a key milestone in Phibro’s pursuit of a solution for this devastating disease. While we still have much work ahead of us, we have made important progress toward reaching that goal and we take pride in potentially being part of the solution to such an urgent problem.”