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Offering insight for professionals from the animal nutrition and feed industry, Feed for Thought – The Feedinfo Podcast features interviews with the movers, shakers and influencers from the value chain. Every episode will kick off with the Editorial Team’s news roundup from the past two weeks to keep you informed of sector developments, followed by an extended interview with a key industry player possessing an interesting viewpoint or story to tell.

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Episode 8:

Dr Anisha Thankitalks advancement in Livestock Bacteriophage Research
Dr. Anisha Thanki from the University of Leicester talks about the use of bacteriophages and their potential in livestock farming.
The feed industry is being viewed as a great future partner in the use of phages in commercial farming, so we spoke about developments in this field, why animal feed is a great way to transfer the phages to the animal, some of the challenges associated and when we might see phages being used on commercial farms.
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Episode 8:

Research Developments in Animal Nutrition and Feed
Gert van Duinkerken, Wageningen Livestock Research’s Business Unit Manager, talks about interesting research emerging in the field of animal nutrition and feed.
We discuss what areas being researched at Wageningen and at other institutes around the world, the shift of focus towards investigating how to make value chains more sustainable, how the COVID-19 pandemic might change R&D moving forward and what the animal husbandry and feed industry might look like in the future.
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Episode 7:

COVID-19s Impact on Feed Raw Materials Markets                      
Abdolreza Abbassian, Senior Economist at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) talks about the impact of COVID-19 on feed raw materials markets.
We also gain additional insight from Mike Verdin the Editor of Agrimoney, one of Feedinfo’s sister company to give us the full picture of what is happening in these markets now and what to expect for the future.
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Episode 6:

The Impact of COVID-19 on Asian Agribusiness                        
JY Chow, the Food and Agri Sector Coverage Lead for Mizuho Bank, talks about how the Asian animal nutrition and livestock industry is coping with the recent challenges thrown at it, with a particular focus on COVID-19.
We discuss how the livestock value chain in Asia has been impacted by COVID-19, how the pandemic is going to change animal nutrition and feed markets, current trends regarding financing for agricultural and food companies and get his opinion on whether supply chains will diversify and potentially move away from China.
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Episode 5:

Edwini Kessie talks Global Trade                            
Edwini Kessie, the Director of the Agriculture and Commodities Division at the World Trade Organization, talks about the current landscape of trade in our industry under the COVID-19 pandemic.
We discuss how trade of animal nutrition and feed products has been affected by COVID-19, whether political trade barriers remain in place and what we might see happening to global trade when the pandemic comes to an end. We also get our fortnightly news and markets update.
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Episode 4:

Claudia Rössler on agtech                            

We talk to Claudia Rössler from Microsoft about what is going on in the world of Agtech and how advances are revolutionising the livestock value chain.
We delve into the exciting technologies that are emerging to support livestock farming and the wider value chain, the role that agtech can play in improving sustainability of food systems and discuss what will be the next big thing in agtech. We even get a bit of advice on how to cope with the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic is bringing when it comes to home working.
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Episode 3:

Richard Brown on African Swine Fever
Richard Brown from GIRA, talks about the “other” virus disrupting our supply chains, African Swine Fever.
We hear about why it is the most significant thing to impact global protein markets in a lifetime, gain an update on the spread of the disease and talk about where could be affected next. We also discuss what the impacts have been in China regarding livestock production, protein consumption and how coronavirus has exacerbated the effects of ASF.
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Episode 2:

Anne Villemoes on the image of the livestock value chain

Anne Villemoes the former VP for Group Communications at Danish Crown, about how our industry can address the image problems the livestock value chain faces.
Anne has many years’ experience focusing on consumer perception and we discuss how we should tackle misinformation posted online, what the entire value chain and individual businesses can do to improve their image and what might happen if we do not tackle these issues now.
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Episode 1:

Martijn de Cocq on coronavirus in animal nutrition

Feedinfo’s Lead Analyst Martijn de Cocq about how the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic is impacting animal nutrition markets.
We discuss what the effects of the virus have been so far and how vitamins and amino acids pricing has been affected by the challenging logistics and quarantine restrictions.
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