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Vilofoss is a leading premix company in Europe. With 17 premix plants in eight countries and a share in a Chinese premix company, Vilofoss produces 400,000 tons of premixes and blends on an annual basis. Vilofoss is part of the Danish DLG Group. Poultry nutrition is an important business area at Vilofoss. In order to further grow and strengthen this area, the Vilofoss Poultry Group is looking for a Poultry Nutritionist.

Poultry Nutritionist

The ideal candidate for this position:

  • Gives our international customers professional answers and support in all matters relating to poultry nutrition
  • Is familiar with modern poultry production and management systems
  • Brings field experiences from the poultry nutrition industry
  • Knows how to formulate practical and proven poultry diets with the help of Least-Cost-Formulation programmes, and consider feed ingredients from different global areas
  • Has a deep knowledge about feed additives and how to use them in the most economical way
  • Is communicative, likes to travel, and is open for different cultures
  • Is self-motivated and proactive, working from a home-based office in consultation with the team
  • Holds a degree in animal science, agricultural science, animal nutrition, DVM, or similar.

For more information and a first informal confidential discussion about the role please contact

Mr. Uwe Frackenpohl
Mobile +49 1 73 – 9 17 53 05

Our main office sites are at Vilofoss in Fredericia, Denmark, or Vilofoss in Neuenkirchen, Germany.


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