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News, pricing & premium market intelligence for the global feed and feed additives sector

  • Daily News Service –  Combines breaking news, exclusive industry interviews and extended coverage of the fundamentals

  • Scientific Reviews – An extensive database whose content includes over 10,000 full-text articles and papers on a broad range of topics

  • Grains & Commodities – Commodity news feeds as well as quotes and charts for all major grains

  • Patents – The latest selected corporate intellectual property information granted to the industry’s leading players

  • Feed Additives – Provides critical and independent market intelligence compiled by in-house analysts and key business news

  • Feed Phosphates – Provides regular updates on the global mono and dicalcium phosphates markets.

  • Forex & Financial – A source of foreign exchange market news and significant financial developments

  • Industry Recruitment – Provides a focused career platform dedicated to middle and senior level positions

  • EU Legislation – The latest key legal developments relating principally to animal nutrition and health, & food safety

Established in 1999, Feedinfo quickly earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in delivering essential and reliable business and scientific information to global corporations.

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The quality of the information is really good. A lot of the time I will see something on Feedinfo before I hear about it anywhere else

Feed Procurement Manager, North American Premix Manufacturer

Feedinfo data is a very reliable, accurate and quick information service. It pops up on my profile and I can get something every day which is relevant and delivered close to real time which is fantastic for me

Science Manager, Enzyme Producer

In order to make better purchasing decisions you need more and more information and Feedinfo definitely helps us to get a better price, so we can see the value in the service

Procurement Manager, Serbia Premixer

Feedinfo is really one of the only useful and trustworthy sources of data for a lot of these products. Our using Feedinfo information has transformed how we think about these things

Corporate Bank, Financial Analyst

It is essential for me to have multiple sources of information outside the company and Feedinfo is my favourite source at the moment. Today Feedinfo is the global benchmark

Producer, Feed additives

Most of our budget for information goes on Feedinfo. We are very satisfied by the service; the information that Feedinfo covers every morning is fantastic

Manufacturer, Feed additives

Everyone at Novozymes is using Feedinfo within my department. The Feedinfo data is very reliable and accurate. It is delivered close to real time which is fantastic


Your reports have been honest, fair and with zero political influence. As a media outlet, this is the highest compliment that you could get, VP Animal Companion


we really appreciate the information you provide, if the info comes from Feedinfo we know that it is well –balanced, of an excellent standard and fact-oriented, Senior Vice President Sales Animal Nutrition


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