17 April 2019 – Co-founder and executive director of The Good Food Institute Bruce Friedrich says humans have a responsibility to the earth not to tax it with the consequences of meat consumption. Friedrich was at the TED2019 (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in Vancouver on April 15 to talk about how lab-grown meat could feed an ever-increasing population and solve environmental issues.

“We are not going to change human nature so we just have to change the meat,” Friedrich commented.

The Good Food Institute itself is active in urging governments and corporations – including traditional meat companies – to support a new “clean meat” production industry. The two solutions in development – plant-based meat products and meat grown directly from cells – though expensive and in their early stages – need to be encouraged as “now is the time to change the way we produce meat,” said Friedrich. The two solutions provide strong arguments when it comes to tackling public health threats like climate change and antibiotic resistance.

According to Friedrich, the general public is expected to get its first taste of cell-based meat in 2020 but, initially at least, will have to pay a premium of around $50.